Certified IT Support for Your Home or Small Business

Firma IT Solutions has a variety of service and solution options for your home or small business. We have on-site service available for your convenience and fast turn around. Remote support is available anywhere you have an Internet connection. Get the expertise and professionalism you have been looking for.

• Onsite Computer Repairs
• Virus, Spyware, Ransomware and Malware Removal
• Cyber Security and Virus Protection
• Data Backup and Recovery
• Secure Remote Access


• Wireless Networking Systems
• Business Tech Support
• Web Design
• App Development
• Server Virtualization


Ransomware and Cyber Security

With cybercrime on the rise, we see networking and computer systems being compromised all the time. Are you low hanging fruit for cyber criminals? Can someone sit outside your home or office and access your computer from your wireless network? Are you using dictionary words or names as passwords for your computer and other accounts? Do you have access controls in place to control who can access your company data? Is sensitive data at risk if someone steals your laptop.

We can take care of your computer security, data backups, desktop computer and server maintenance, updates and technical support

Let us help you get your systems protected so you are not easy prey for criminals.